I just found out that speculaas isn’t an international thing and I feel so sad for you all





I believe it is — ever heard of gingerbread? I think it’s pretty much the same. 

Yeah someone online did compare the two. They are probably pretty similar. Not the same though

Not? Interesting. 

Then again, I doubt kroketten, bitterballen en frikandellen are an international thing either. 

Come to the Netherlands. We have amazing food that will ruin your diet forever

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The slow procession of hearses in the Netherlands today was very touching. All I could think was, “They’re finally going home-” #MH17 #Hilversum #Netherlands #procession #Home #roses #farewell


The slow procession of hearses in the Netherlands today was very touching. All I could think was, “They’re finally going home-” #MH17 #Hilversum #Netherlands #procession #Home #roses #farewell

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theatredoctor said: I don't know if you do music videos (maybe you know someone who does and could forward this ask along??) but Coulson's swagger + "Moves Like Jagger" just sounds hilarious, and perfect, to me. I would love to do it myself, but I don't have a decent editing software :( Know who I could talk to about this idea?


Becketted knows her way around editing software and has made some fanvids, but unfortunately she’s not too fond of that song and right now has other Skye/Coulson fanvid projects in mind - sorry!

We don’t know anyone with video editing skills, but we’re gonna post your ask and tag it with relevant stuff so maybe someone can help you out. Sorry we can’t be of more help!

I’ve been wanting to do a Coulson video, I just didn’t know a song. I might be able to help you out. 

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King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima at Eindhoven Airbase for a memorial service for the victims of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

(Source: anpfoto.nl)

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Dutch Anger Swells at Treatment of Ukraine Bodies

It is no longer only grief and mourning sweeping across the Netherlands in the aftermath of the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. It is now anger.

The Dutch have widely condemned the way the bodies of loved ones have been treated in Ukraine and the fact they have not yet been returned home, four days after Thursday’s tragedy.

It’s time for The Netherlands to man up to Russia

Dutch King Willem-Alexander Monday expressed his condolences and shared the grief of the relatives of the victims of the Malaysian plane crash in eastern Ukraine during a speech on national television and radio.

The king addressed the Dutch people after he and his wife Queen Maxima held a closed door meeting with relatives in Nieuwegein, a city in the province of Utrecht.

The disaster cost the lives of 193 Dutch citizens from all over the country.

We are deeply touched by the poignant personal stories, the king said in his address. 

Their grief, their desperation, their impotence and desperation cut through the soul. We understand the frustration and share your grief. And we share the fervent desire for clarity on the cause of this disaster, he said

We cannot make up for the victims… This scar will continue to be felt in the length of years. The only thing we can do is listen and support. All over the country people gather to support.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte also attended the meeting and gave a statement afterwards. 

There is so much sorrow, Rutte said. I’ve spoken to people who have lost sometimes three, sometimes four people.

The Netherlands feels the anger and deep sorrow, Rutte concluded. The whole country stands behind the relatives.

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